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Dark Stories of Salem

Salem is a strange and wonderful city, with a dark and complicated history. While we are known around the world for the Witchcraft Trials (and our Salem Witch Tour), and are synonymous with Witches, there is so much more complex darkness to the Witch City. There is murder for money, murder for love, betrayal, pirates, torture, and of course spiders.


Join Salem Uncovered and learn about Salem's other stories. How we once were the richest city in America, boasting not only a prosperous sea trade, but America's first millionaire as well. With all the wealth flowing into Salem is no surprise that there was betrayal and murder, because what is human nature with out a bit of death.


Don't worry though, our  Dark Stories of Salem walking tour isn't all about death. Sometimes it's about how lightning can strike twice, or psychics, and even about a basement full of spiders. Because at the end of the day, whether you believe in the paranormal or not, whether a building is haunted or not, there's no arguing that the strange and unusual is oftentimes much much more usual than we care to admit. 


Salem Uncovered runs our Salem's Dark Stories Tour evenings at 7:00, please book online to get a spot on one of our walking tours of Salem. (In October tours are every hour from 5-9)

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